Who we are

Proudly Manufacturing Since 1997

With 43 years of business experience based on skillful production system, qualified quality control system, excellent R&D and global networks systems such as Korea, USA, Mexico, China, Europe, Southeast Asia etc., we are ready to meet your requirements and we are able to provide suitable manufacturing products on time and any place in the world.

Our company was founded as smaller enterprises in Korea in 1978  “DAEWON ELECTRONICS Ltd.”. From the early stage of business, we joined a business partnership with Samsung Electronics.

Our Core Values

Quality Policy

We are committed to quality, continuous improvement, profitability and compliance with applicable requirements.


To be leader manufacturing company on the Lead Connector, Battery Pack and Solar Junction services we offer, maintaining a level of excellence and overcoming customer expectations always implementing updated manufacturing process and world class quality. Thereby assuring presence in the Battery and Solar Market.


Our mission when manufacturing is to give and assure the best service possible that make the customers prosper, offering the arrival of the products on time with quality and tangible result in every activity that the company develops like:

Proud history

HEPS(Appleton BTU (BMS) project paticipate)

Spectrum Brands 66523-001 battery holder develop and assembly start

HEPS (Appleton Battery pack develop and assembly start)

HEPS (Devilbiss 7310 Battery pack develop and assembly start)

Spectrum Brands 63063-001 battery holder develop and assembly start

HEPS ( Intermet 4 AA Alkaline Battery pack develop and assembly start)

HEPS ( Mach lab 4 and  8 cells LFPO4 battery pack develope start)

Stanley B&D Business.

High Efficency Power Solution Business.

DHA America, Inc. name change.


Upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 certificate from BSI March 2010 SYNC-SCM.

Appreciation Award 2009 from SAMEX.

Samsung SDI Business.

Acquired to ISO 9001:2000.

Excellent vendor award from Thomson.

Environmental Quality certificate form Panasonic.

Acquired ECO-Partner Certification (Samsung).

Thomson Business

 Sanyo Business

Acquired SIX SIGMA (Samsung).

Acquired Samsung Quality certification.

Square D Business.

Excellent vendor award from Samsung.

Panasonic Business.

• Established Cyandi America, Inc.

• UL Registration

• Registered to Samsung vender

Lead Connector, FFC, Battery Pack, Solar Junction Box Manufacturing & Assembly Subcontractor.

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